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Community Effort

When I first came up with the vision for the Move Something! Conference, I knew one umbrella under the organization would be for us to give back to the community.  I am from Pleasantville, grew up there and graduated High School so this was important to me.  Some of my fondest memories are on Broad Street, playing double dutch, hot cold butter bean and skating on the neighbor streets and at the local skating rink.  Even when I graduated from high and left to attend college in Atlanta, home for me was and will always be South Jersey.  I has a sense of peace when I came home to visit and it always felt good and "right."

When the vision of the conference was birth, I knew I wanted to give back to a community that heped me become the person I am today.  Over the years we have had the opportunity to bless several organizations that fall 

in line with the mission of the Move Something! Conference.

If you would like to support our effort to assist children whi have an outstanding lunch balance recieve a hot meal for lunch, please feel free to donate.

2015 - The Women's Center in Northfield, New Jersey

2016 - The Covenant House in Atlantic City, New Jersey

2017 - South Main Street Elementary School Farm

2018 - Texas Avenue School