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About 2016

Sisters Ripping the RUNway presents its 2nd Annual Move Something! Conference, featuring this year’s theme, “Sole to Soul ~ Nurturing the Whole Woman."  The one-day conference is being held at The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Saturday, April 23, 2016, from 8am to 3pm.

Our first conference last year, highlighting information and education, was a huge success!  We focused on educating the women present, and providing some needed information about getting focused on a fitness goal. Our attendees enjoyed the entire day full of learning and doing!

This year, our focus is on the entire woman, from physical health to mental health.  In preparation for planning this year’s conference, we listened to what was going on in the community and realized that there are several challenges going on with women.  The mission of Sisters Ripping the RUNway is to get women moving, but we realized there were several reasons why women just couldn't "get moving." We identified the issues that required a little more attention, and this is why we will focus on "Nurturing the Whole Woman" with the 2nd annual Move Something! Conference.


It has always been our understanding that we as women take care of everyone else, and often times we are left off the priority list.

There are so many issues that plague women every day; they go untreated and we are still expected to perform as "normal."  How many times have you needed a minute to yourself, or just some time to reenergize yourself? To take a moment to meditate and get yourself and your mind right, just be able to make it through a day of work?  Why are you and your physical and mental health not a priority in your own life?  We became obsessed with trying to find an answer to these questions.  We watched the headlines of well-known "celebrities," and learned about friends who suffer in silence from bipolar, depression and even suicide, and we wanted to know, “What is going on?” Then we figured it out: we are all going through the same "stuff.” And we raised the questions: what can we do to help women find a quiet space, focus on a vision, talk about issues we all share, and learn ways to support one another? How do we continue to “Move Something,” even on days when we are just not that motivated? How do we deal with always feeling like we have to wear that "Superwoman" cape?  What part will we play in helping women get to the other side of wellness?

We have taken all of these concerns and decided to address them with the women who attend this year’s “Sole to Soul...” Move Something! Conference 2016.  We are so proud of the line-up for this power-packed Day on April 23, 2016, and we are sure it will not only feed your body, but it will feed your soul!  


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