Move Something Conference

About Us

I can remember being out on a run with one of the ladies from the running group Sisters Ripping the RUNway and she felt like she wasn't seeing the results that she should be seeing since starting her fitness journey.  I asked her what she was eating and she responded with several items that would not prove to give her the results she was looking for on her fitness journey.  I came home that evening and searched for classes or a conference in the area....classes that would teach you how to eat, how to refuel after a workout etc. events that would promote a network of women looking to promote a healthy lifestyle and I could not find anything.  I complained for about 2 weeks and my husband finally said, "if there is nothing here, create something" and that was the seed that was planted for the Move Something! Conference.  I wrote out a plan for the conference and presented to a powerful group of women and the plan became activated.

In 2015 the Move Something! Conference made it's debut to the Southern New Jersey area with a them on Fitness and Education.  The event was welcomed with rave reviews and has continued it's success each year.